January 17, 2016



We are the biggest distributers of BKT Tyres in india, specializing in the range of Tyres for Ports, Earth moving, Cranes, Forklifts, Low Bed Trailers etc. We have the largest stocks of Tyres for all the applications

Our Vision:
Supplying product on timely basis, availability of right product for given application and delivery on time.

Our Mission:
Creating value through our Tyre import and trade capabilities. Delivering of quality service at competitive prices to our customers.

Values to our Customers:
Unrivalled expert Tyre trading, building a long-term relationship with our customers, based on quality Tyres imported.

We focus on India the main focus where we have a distinct competitive advantage in the Tyre import industry.

We conduct our business with the highest moral and ethical standards, honesty and integrity and without any compromise in ethical standards and behavior.

Understanding our customers’ Tyre needs and exceeding their expectations by providing top quality Tyres at competitive prices.